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I am Domi and I am so happy to welcome you here!

I am Domi, and I am so happy to welcome you here!

I am a plant-based chef, recipe developer, and nutritionist in the process. I love a holistic approach to life, especially to our well-being, which means everything connected to our health is close to my heart. Cooking has been my passion since I was little, and I would love to share some of my absolute favorite recipes with you.

My mission

My mission with this blog is to share with you my love for food and health. I want to help you find yourself in a kitchen and realize that you can become the best chef in your house and serve those who love you without much effort. I also want to help you understand why food is essential and how it impacts your whole being. I feel privileged to share with you my entire journey and the experiences I have gone through.
I am currently studying nutrition to dive more into that topic. I fell in love with medicine, anatomy, and physiology. Discovering and learning about my body and its capabilities has been an enormous experience. That is why having a holistic approach to our life, body, and health is crucial to understanding why we get sick, where these issues come from, and how we can support our bodies. Our body is powerful, and I would love to tell you more about it. We will dive into these exciting topics, and I promise to help you understand that investing in your health right now is the best investment you can make for yourself and those around you.

How everything started

I have always been interested in health. I grew up in a family where healthy food was crucial since I remember. The Christian church I attend also teaches the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. There have been times I wasn’t following any of those principles. I ate whatever I wanted, with meat, dairy, and many sweets. That was my decision, and I was fully aware of how I was treating my body, yet I wasn’t aware of what was coming and what consequences I would experience.
I was born with atopic dermatitis- an allergy skin condition—and the time had come when I was getting stronger reactions, so I had to use heavy creams to control it. Once, I decided that I had to change something. I researched my health, body, skin, and everything deeply.
I started cutting some things from my diet, mainly processed meat, ultra-processed food, and lots of conventional dairy. My skin got better and better. Since then, I have been amazed at what simple food can do to me. 

I went to Sweden to participate in a plant-based cooking course and become a registered chef. I fell in love with Sweden and all the people I met during this time, and with such a blessing, I keep our friendships today. After, I dedicated a few years to traveling and experiencing food from around the world. These were the most challenging and unforgettable moments I have gone through. I feel blessed thinking about how God provided every journey I could go through.

My greatest experience as a chef

One of my most remarkable experiences as a chef was working in a plant-based restaurant in Montenegro. As a young, fresh chef, I went there and immediately got a significant position. This time was hard, but I experienced what it means to work in a restaurant. I respect all chefs working to bring the best food for us and doing such an excellent and challenging job. I met people who taught me a lot, and I see how my character and personality have grown since then. I have realized the importance of responsibility, honesty, putting my heart into my job, but first and foremost, trusting God that He provides and fixing everything I might do wrong.

Get to know me a little bit

Besides cooking, I am passionate about food photography, traveling, gardening, and minimalism, but on top of that, I love music. Music has been my passion since I remember. I play piano, a bit of guitar, and ukulele (I enjoy experimenting and challenging myself to learn something new). I sing alone and with my friends, which brings happiness into my life. Recently, I started writing my songs, which I hope one day you will be able to hear. I believe God created music to calm our hearts and souls and bring peace to the current chaos we are living in.
When it comes to traveling, I could visit a few countries and get to know many outstanding people with whom I am in touch today, and some of them became my best friends. One country I fell in love with, and it has not changed since then, is Sweden. I wish to be back there one day. One picture on the left is in Stockholm, taken by my friend Nico, a fantastic photographer, and the second one is in Lifestyle TV, where I could be a few times and work as a chef and food photographer. I adore these memories.

Going outdoors and being in nature is something that brings me the most incredible rest and peace of mind. I cannot imagine going through my days without a long walk or being somewhere I can hear my thoughts and talk to my Lord in peace and silence; this gives me the most strength and motivates me to continue with my days.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

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